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18 active subwoofer system with on-board CORE digital processing and 1500W digital amplifier

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18 active subwoofer system with on-board CORE digital processing and 1500W digital amplifier - (NEOS118AXS )

NEOS AXS series represents the highest expression of PROEL Research & Development applied in loudspeaker systems and incorporates the latest technologies developed by PROEL in advanced sound reinforcement systems able to provide premium sound, maximum performance and up-to-date features. NEOS AXS is a complete range of self-powered loudspeaker systems combining cutting-edge transducers with CLASS D amplifiers and digital processors, thus ensuring the best integration between acoustics and electronics for an optimal performance. NEOS AXS are designed for the use both as high-performance mobile systems for live applications and as versatile and remotely controllable systems for advanced fixed installations.
All full-range models in the NEOS AXS Series are provided with a dual-angle pole holders (0° or -7.5°), which allows a tilted vertical position for optimal coverage of the listening area and with an asymmetric HF horn that can be rotated to change the dispersion angle when the speaker sits horizontally. All the models, also available in passive versions (PX), are housed in rugged in 15/18mm birch plywood cabinets, featuring die-cast handles and multiple flying points. A wide range of accessories is available for suspension in permanent installations or live applications.
All the models are powered by DA power modules, a new generation of CLASS D power amplifiers with SWITCH MODE power supply, able to provide an exceptional sound definition together with very high dynamics and low distortion in an ultra-compact package. The onboard control electronics are based on the 96 kHz, 40bit floating point CORE DSP platform, able to optimize further the system performances through the use of sophisticated EQ, crossover and dynamics algorithms. The CORE processing provides also network functionality through the PRONET control software based on CANBUS communication protocol (USB2CAN converter needed). The PRONET control software provides access to the major processing features, including full PARAMETRIC and DYNAMIC EQ, advanced COMPRESSOR/ LIMITERS and DELAY, together with the real time control of parameters such as temperature, supply voltage and protections. Setting created by the user can be saved in user presets that can be recalled through the control software or from the unit’s interface.
The NEOS AXS COMPACT models are available in three different full-range models (10”, 12” and 15”) that, thanks to their asymmetric profile, can also be used as stage monitors. A compact 18” sub-woofer allows multi-way systems of various output power and frequency response to be created when combined with any of the satellites. All the models are available also in passive version, including precisely designed built-in crossover filters. Size and weight of the NEOS AXS COMPACT have been contained as much as possible in order to make their use very easy both in portable and installed systems.

  • Amplified digitally processed sub-woofer
  • 18” woofer with 4” voice coil
  • 1500 W DA digital power amplifier with Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • 96 KHz, 40bit floating point CORE DSP
  • Networking capability thru PRONET software with remote control of EQ, DYNAMICS and DELAY
  • SPL MAX 133 dB
  • Frequency response from 33 Hz
  • Compact and lightweight birch plywood cabinet
  • Pole holder
  • 2 aluminum side handles
  • Made in Italy

Technical Specifications

Amplifier Continuous Power: 1500 W DA Class D with SMPS
  • System type: Sub-woofer, vented
  • Input Impedance: 20 kohm balanced, 10 kohm unbalanced
  • Frequency response: from 30 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 133 dB MAX SPL
  • Input Sensitivity: +4 dBu / 1.25 V
  • Low Frequency Device: 18'' woofer - 4" VC
  • Signal Processing: CORE processing 24 bit / 96 kHz
  • Power Supply: 230 VAC 50Hz or 120 VAC 60 Hz
  • Cooling: Variable speed DC fan
  • Connectors: IN - LINK: 2 x XLR M - 2 x XLR F NETWORK IN - OUT: ETHERCON® (NE8FAV) MAIN LINK: PowerCon® (NAC3MPB) MAIN: PowerCon® (NAC3MPA)
  • Construction: 15 and 18 mm birch plywood
  • Finishing: Anti-scratch black paint
  • Mounting Pole: 1 top
  • Flying System: 2 x M10 - top
  • Weight: 49.5 kg (109.1475 lb)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 600 x 610 x 600 mm
  • Controls: LEVEL, PRESET (80 / 120 / USER) TERMINATE, GND LIFT

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