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Soybean - (Soybean)

We are a mandate seller of an holding Company newly established in Brazil between cooperative group and International Experts in marketing.

Our seller has 12,400 farmer associated, and association cooperative groups in other Latin American countries, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, and others, has 540 Employees, has 48 years of experience in plantation and sale of soybeans, corn, soybeans meal, wheat, and other agriculture products, main client Bunge and other large international buyers.

Our seller with its association groups has capacity of selling 10 million Metric Tons per year of soybeans, white and yellow corn, soybeans meal.

Our power as producer that we secure and guarantee delivery to our clients the quantity requested as we have several sources of production in Brazil and other Latin American States.

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Made in Tunisia

Tunisie Place de Marché (TPM)