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Moving Head Wash Led - (Projecteur Wash Led)

A very powerful Moving Head Wash in a stable construction based on LED technology. With the 36 red, 36 green and 36 blue, a total of 108 pieces of 3-watt LED from American Luminus received an incredibly strong Wash effect. Thanks to these high quality LEDs and the precise control, a an almost unlimited number of colors can be generated.

In addition, the LED strobes has a range of 1-18 times per second.

The measured brightness is a staggering 28.550 lux which is comparable with the 400 watt HMI. For comparison, a normal summer day without direct sunlight, is around 20.000 to 25.000 lux.

Energy consumption and noise levels are also very low compared to traditional HMI lights. Through the use of rapid high quality circuits in the dimmer, the dimmer function can generate smooth and flicker-free dimming, which is preferred in TV broadcasting, etc. which is often a flaw in many LED lights.

The 12 DMX channels has a high accuracy with 16 bit control. However a simplified control can also be selected via the DMX with 8 bit accuracy.

There are also several automated programs, like Auto Master / Slave, Sound-controlled auto programs, and others.

Large pan/tilt ranges (540° pan and 270° tilt).

ACQ-MH1083W is manufactured with a strong aluminum frame and a robust shell making it light and durable.

We have also installed two sturdy handles, making it easy to carry and move.

As a standard, ACQ-MH1083W the following:

* 25° beam angle, but can also be ordered with a 15° beam angle

* 2 pieces of trussing brackets

* 3-pin XLR for DMX and a C14 power socket, but can for a small additional charge be deliverad with a 5-pin XLR for DMX and a Powercon connector for mains.

DMX Table:

CH 1 - Pan 0~255

CH 2 - Tilt 0~255

CH 3 - Pan-fine 0~255

CH 4 - Tilt-fine 0~255

CH 4 - Dimmer 0~255

CH 6 - Red 0~255

CH 7 - Green 0~255

CH 8 - Blue 0~255

CH 9 - Strobe 0~255

CH 10 - Nothing 0~11, Red 12~23, Green 24~35, Blue 36~47, Yellow 48~59, Magenta 60~71, Cyan 72~83, White 84~95, Color Macro1 96~127, Color Macro2 128~159, Color Macro3 160~191, Color Macro4 192~255

CH 11 - Color Macro 0~255 (Slow to Fast)

CH 12 - Pan/Tilt 0~254 (Fast to Slow), Reset 255


* Type:

LED Moving Head Wash

* LED-type:


* Number:

A total of 108 pieces

36 pieces of red (nm)

36 pieces of green (nm)

36 pieces of blue (nm)

* Lifetime on LED

>100,000 hours (>70)

* PWM-frequency:



540° PAN (8 / 16 bits, adjustable DMX)

270° tilt (8 / 16 bits, adjustable DMX)

* Dimmers:

Linear 0-100 electronic

* Strobe:

0-18 times per second, electronic, adjustable DMX

* Colors:

Virtually unlimited

* Display:

Clear LCD display

* Steering:

8 or 12 DMX channels, Stand-alone mode, Sound Control or Master / Salve

* Connections:

3-pin XLR male / female (5 pin can be ordered)

* Power supply:


* Power consumption:


* Brightness (All on):

28.550 lux

* Noise level (A-weighted at 1 meter from the fan):

Fan noise - 52 dB

* IP Classification:


* Warrenty:

1 year against factory faults

* Comes with quick-release Truss brackets

* Dimensions

490 x 430 x 480 mm

* Weight

12 kg

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