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Deyma, came to enhance this act of generosity by adding ingredients to the already delicious date, hence creating an unforgettable combination of tastes, and then pack it in the most wonderful packages to make the act of giving everlasting –Deyma-.

Deyma is part of the Boudjbel group of dates, with over 48 years of experience in selecting best quality deglet nour dates from the southern Tunisian oasis. The group has gone as far as coaching and training palm tree farmers to ensure best dates quality. Through the years a wide experience in conditioning and worldwide shipping of deglet nour dates, has been acquired. Deyma products are produced with the highest grading of deglet nour dates in combination with the best selection of nuts.

Deyma employs highly qualified team that regards quality and customer satisfaction as the main objective. The idea of Deyma is to transform deglet nour into a gourmet gift. Whether you chose our pre-packed selection or custom made package, Deyma is committed to make your act of giving a piece of art.

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