Flight cases

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19 Professional rack cases with 100 mm blue industrial style wheels (two with brakes). Made by 5-Ply, phenolic-bond marine plywood, 9mm thickness. Black laminated water and scratch-resistant covering. Black inner painted. Provided with recessed steel galvanized butterfly latches, recessed spring-loaded handles with rubber grip, steel ball-corner and 6 holes brace, professional aluminium profile and industrial grade rubber feet. Front and rear double rack rails and numbers of install rack rail screws, washers, cage nuts are included. 45 cm rackable depth. Galvanized steel reinforced side bars. Front and back lids foamed eggs sheet foam and mounted velcro straps for manage cables and accessories.


Construction materials: 9 mm thickness phenolic-bond marine plywood, black laminated scratch-resistant covering, steel ball corner and aluminium profile

Usable inner depth: 450 mm

Internal finishing: Black painted

Rack Units: 18 U

Latch: N° 8 recessed galvanized steel butterfly

Handles: N° 4 recessed galvanized steel spring loaded

Casters: N° 4 x 100 mm blue industrial style casters (two with brakes)

Colours Available: Black


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