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Call for public authorities from the eu mediterranean region

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Call for public authorities from the eu mediterranean region

Applications now open for the NEX-LABS training program for public Authorities Deadline 31 October 2021!

The NEX-LABS project is selecting 28 candidates to attend the Water, Energy and Food NEXUS Training program to collaborate and foster the NEXUS ecosystem in the Mediterranean region. 
This training targets Public Authorities, decision makers and programs managers involved in the development of policy and strategic frameworks, as well as initiatives and activities in Water, Energy and Food (WEF)-NEXUS field on a national level.
The training program will equip participants with technical and strategic thinking skills needed to develop WEF-NEXUS frameworks that considers the local needs of society, environment and economy.
Thanks to this program participants will be able to translate needs into clear policies with monitoring and evaluation methodologies.
In addition, this training aims to provide an opportunity to exchange best practices, share lessons learned and join efforts to reach WEF-NEXUS objectives at Mediterranean level.
Taking place in November 2021, the training will last 40 hours and is divided into 5 Modules. The full program and dates of the modules will be available soon!
The training will be held in a virtual format, via Zoom. Selected participants will be contacted with the confirmed time and date of the training.
For further information, please contact:
Ms. Ben Abdelkader Ines, NEX-LABS Project Officer at CCIC: benabdelkader.ines@ccicentre.org.tn
Ms. Camille Mallat, Senior Programs Coordinator at Berytech: camille.mallat@berytech.org

Date : du  14-10-2021  au  31-10-2021  
Lieu : à distance   Tunisie
E-mail : benabdelkader.ines@ccicentre.org.tn Site web

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